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sitting in bed too much

So I took my massage boards the other week.
They were super easy. I'm glad I didn't waste a lot of time studying. That woulda sucked.

Now I can be a registered something. Yay!

I finally got dispatched to do a training install down in NC. That was a trip. There was a walmart down there that had a 24 hour funnel cakes and corn dog stand in the parking lot. I didn't go there myself - I just heard tell from the guy I was working with. Apparently it is a sign of good breeding down there to stop for a corn dog on your way into walmart at 6 in the morning.

In other news, I am going to visit Rochester again next week! O, yay!; to the joy of visiting my two friends that actually still live there :)

In closing I have been spending way too much time sitting up in bed on the computer and my butt is sore. I'ma go shift cheeks now.
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