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twice in over 80 weeks! I'm on a roll!

So, I've gotten ubuntu installed on my macbook. yeah! welcome the wonderful world of completely free software and taking part in a global community of developers and -- oh, i've got to learn unix commands... okay! so I learned how to browse directories through the terminal, delete files (scary!) and even display a calendar in both regular and julian years!!! umm, that's what i should be proud to tell people about, right? i'll just figure yes.
also, I haven't been off the computer in over a week, and I'm starting to get little key-shaped calluses on my fingertips.
The new job still hasn't dispatched me anywhere - so I've been spending my time mostly hibernating and eating a lot. It's great knowing that I can get paid to sleep half the day and then get up, have pancakes, and stare at a computer screen for 16 hours. very comforting. i did go for a walk down to the lake today! it was one of the high points. But soon I will not have any time to do these things, so I am glutting it up for now.
Tags: glutting, online obsessions
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