iamjesseduh (iamjesseduh) wrote,

now the fourth...

So, I am changing my application from clerk to front end supervisor. So, this will be my fourth attempt at getting a job at the Co-op. How badly do I really want to work there? There's got to be other places I can work and feel that I am doing something good in the community and environment I'm in... Right?

The lady seemed like maybe she was bothered by my persistence. I probably won't get the job because of that. I wonder if they only want people that don't really care about where they work? How much can you tell about a person's work ethic from talking to them asking questions like: "Give me a bullshit answer to this question.", or "What if I tell you some bullshit?".

I'm torn. I don't know what they are really looking for in an interview. Of course they want to find someone intelligent who will work dilligently... blah, blah bla. But I don't know how to prove to them that I am that person without working for them.

If they rely only on pretense for all their conclusions, I don't want a job there.
But I do...

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