iamjesseduh (iamjesseduh) wrote,


I applied for a job at the Co-op for the third time in my life this week.
The first time was in 2001. That was for a clerks' postion.
The second time was for a position as a buyer for the produce department. The job ended up going to someone with 'more experience'.
This time I broke down and went for the clerks' position again after the lady at the produce department gave my application to the manager there.
At the interview this morning, I asked if it was taboo to inquire about the pay. $7.25 and up considering 'experience'...
At the point where she asked why I want to work at the Co-Op, I froze and completely forgot the most important reason why I'm willing to take another clerking job in the first place; to supplement my income while feeling that I am at least somewhat less responsible for the support of multi-evil industry.

The other thing that's happening, I guess, is spring. It's been beautiful outside the past couple days. True, there will be an ice storm across the entire hemisphere next week, but fuck it.
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